like a chicken caught in a tractor’s nuts

Lesson 1 today: When struggling to find a title line for a post, pop in Blazing Saddles, and the first thing that comes up, go with it. I hate to think of a chicken or a tractor’s nuts, but it works. And I guess in a way, that’s how I feel. I’m just about to the point where I’m done packing, but yet have so much left to do. And I hope I’m making the right move with the size rental truck I’m taking with me. It seems like 15 feet might be a bit small for a fairly well-stocked 1 bedroom (plus “den”), but if the people at Budget say its good for 2-3 bedrooms, so be it. I wonder if they’d help move everything that doesn’t fit after the fact? Regardless, today was a sad day. I took the “Dogs Playing Poker” picture off my wall. Sure, it will have a nice home in Indianapolis soon, but that wall above the TV is just a bit empty without it. Speaking of the TV, it’s holding on for dear life, but by tomorrow night, it will likely be ready to go as well.

Which brings me to the next travesty. I move into my place in Indy on the 14th. Cable is installed on the 24th. I better hope I have a really good antenna on that thing, or else I’ll get horribly used to watching one of the best small DVD collections on the planet, while playing whatever games I can drag up on my computer. Speaking of, the blogging here might be ridiculously sparse in the coming weeks, if I have to toe the delicate line of “should I blog at work” and “I can’t blog at home because Comcast doesn’t give enough of a shit about its new customers to connect them within a week, tops”. At least I get to pay them almost an extra month’s bill to install it all.

Travesty 3: While I knew when I took on Tom’s allegedly broken PS2 when he moved to the great state of Michigan that it might need replaced, repaired, or used as a bookend, I had it working. It got me through a NASCAR Rumble series, a few rounds of golf, and, most recently the first season as head coach of the Browns on ESPN NFL 2K5 (a damn fine game in its own right, and a great alternative to “Madden 2005” for those of you looking to save $30.) Last night, it died. Clicking and clacking and humming and buzzing, and it don’t work no mo’. A few shots to the top did little good, and as of this morning, season two is in limbo. If not for an astronomical cable bill coming up, a moving van that I’ll be reimbursed for eventually, and all the other fun costs that come with moving, picking up a cheap, used PS2 likely wouldn’t be a problem. But that ain’t happening, and I’ll certainly not be dropping $150 plus tax on a new one anytime soon. So, say a little prayer for me that Tom’s old PS2 will wake up and play nice. At least until the Browns win the Super Bowl.

Of course, I still can’t decide if its an omen or a pisser that I can’t keep playing, since I really should be packing, scrubbing, cleaning and wiping down this place, but I was starting to get pretty good, and who knows how first round draft pick “Oscar Padilla” will do in his first year as the Browns QB. Of course, the whole time I’m playing, I keep thinking that its like the time I had pneumonia in first grade and wasn’t supposed to participate in gym class. Well, they were a person short of even teams for kickball, the androgynous gym teacher asked me if I could play, and like any red-blooded American boy of 7 or 8, I said yes. When my mom came to pick me up for my doctor’s appointment, all sweaty and red-faced, berating me for not listening to doctor’s orders not to play, my only reply, of course was, “But mom! I was 3 for 4 with a grand slam and almost turned a triple play!!!” That’s how I felt this past week before the PS2 crapped out. Sure, I should have been packed and ready to go, but the Browns were in the playoff race, and they needed me!!!