Damn, I’m a good blogger.

Why haven’t I written anything in nearly a year?

A spam comment led me to read a post from the fall of 2006, which I enjoyed so much, I clicked around my own site and read some more. I’m one funny dude. Just ask me, I’ll tell ya.

I think the job and life in general led to not writing much… I do so much online for work, I don’t think to write for myself. Nor do I usually have the desire to. But, in light of Grant restructuring his site, but with a purpose, I figured it was time to do something here. Since I don’t grow insanely hot peppers from scratch, I guess I’m stuck trying to write some more.

I blame Facebook and Twitter for the absence. If I can tell you about my day, my dog’s day and ignore a billion posts about mafias and toddlers on Facebook, I can do it here, right? I mean, I’m paying for this privilege, after all. I promise to do better, if anyone’s even still paying attention.

Thought for today? I wish Mitch Hedberg was still alive so he could be on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Damn, I’m a good blogger.”

  1. You said 13 months… this looks like 3 months to me.

    Oh, by the way, I’ve totally done that before — stumbled on an old post of mine and continued reading more of my own site, patting myself on the back, thinking, “Damn, I used to be pretty funny.” Now I just have nothing to say, I guess.

    Mitch Hedberg would’ve had an awesome Twitter feed.

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