Monday, September 27, 2004

Put an end to ass piracy...

So I'm sitting in a movie theater over the weekend when one of those "put an end to movie piracy" promos comes on the screen.

In it, a guy who says he's a set painter talks about how people who download movies off the internet are taking food off his table. He says he doesn't think it really affects the actors or the producers, mostly the little guys like him.

Does that strike anyone else as total bullshit?

Unless my conceptions of the Hollywood salary structure are grossly misinformed, low-level guys like set painters, sound techs, and of course best boys are generally paid up front. Their salary is fixed, and doesn't depend really at all on how the movie does.

It's the stars, producers, directors, etc who get the so-called "back end." In addition to being a deliciously homo-erotic term, this also means they get a cut every time someone pays to see/buy/rent said movie.

So other than in some vague "sometime down the road enough people might download movies to put a significant dent in our profits and therefore we have to cut back on set painters and best boys", how does this affect that guy's life in the least?


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