Sunday, April 03, 2005

Best. Day. Ever.

For a superficially meaningless Sunday in April, today combines two of my absolute favorite moments of the year.

1) Daylight saving time. Suddenly, it's light outside until long past 7:30 in the evening. I can get home from work and still have time to mow my lawn or grill some dinner and eat it outside during daylight hours. If you asked me to name my 10 favorite days of the year, Daylight Saving day would absolutely make the list-- probably the only day that wasn't a holiday or a spectacular sports day. Speaking of spectacular sports days...

2) Opening Day! Finally, meaningful baseball is here. With no hockey, the Giants out of NFL playoff contention since last August and the Knicks playing like a steaming bowl of monkey feces, this marks the first day I've really cared about professional sports since the last out of last year's World Series. Tonight is technically the start of the season, so I feel comfortable lumping Opening Day in with today. But really, it's all about tomorrow. Everyone throwing their ace, the start of fantasy baseball, being able to flip back and forth between two games all day, the Mets on TV in Detroit, and the return to regular TV rotation for the ever-dreamy and delicious Peter Gammons. (Wait... I've said too much...)

Every year, Opening Day makes me think of Randy Newman's classic "Burn On." That also makes this the only day I think of Randy Newman all year. Unless that one episode of Family Guy comes on. Okay, I'm rambling.

Seriously though, baseball and actual sunlight coming back all on one day? Tell me this day doesn't kick some ass.


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