Monday, August 08, 2005

My boy, we're pilgrims in an unholy land...

Back from the morning junket to Ann Arbor.

Lloyd Carr had a few entertaining moments, all of which are paraphrased (not directly quoted) below:

'Tis better to have gone to the Rose Bowl and lost than never have gone at all. We're going to keep going out there until we win one of the damn things.

(Talking about the hype of kids coming out of high school)
Carr: There are 1,000 high school all-America teams. Multiply that times 11 and you get... what... 1,100?
Media: 11,000
Carr: I never was that good at math.

(Asked about an anonymous Big Ten coach who called Michigan "arrogant and overrated")
It was probably one of those guys who hasn't had any success against Michigan.

(After he talked about goals in a general sense)
Reporter: What are your goals for your defense this year?
Carr: (staring at reporter silently for at least 5-10 seconds... room gets uncomfortable)
Carr: "We'd like to tackle the quarterback."

Some other notes, most of which you probably already know about.

Carr said that nothing would help him sleep at night more that knowing who his center will be. He would like to keep Reuben Riley at guard, but may have to move him to center.

Chad Henne enters this year with better confidence and knowledge. Both Henne and Hart are going to find out that the stresses and pressures on them are only going to rise. They both dealt with them as well as they could have last year.

Scoring is up dramatically now compared to 20 years ago. A good offense needs to be able to score and control the ball.

Carr says the defense has given up too many big plays, and controlling those is a focus this year.

Carr says Michigan quarterbacks have been so successful in getting to the NFL because UM makes good selections on the people they recruit-- smart players who are physically and mentally tough. Also, dealing with the pressures and challenges of being in the spotlight at Michigan prepares for what you'll face in the NFL.

He compared sophomore Jake Long to Steve Hutchinson and Jeff Backus, the only other guys he recalled contributing significantly on the offensive line as redshirt freshmen. He pointed out that both were picked in the first round of the NFL draft, and said that with Long's attitude and work ethic he has a chance to be a great one.


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