Thursday, October 19, 2006

The fireworks were awesome

So after getting called out by Tony for about the fifth time, I decided to check back in.

I've been more than a little busy over the past few months with a new project, The Palestra.

Basically, it's a college sports and entertainment network powered by student reporters on campuses across the country. The site that's up right now is "Phase One", which will hopefully give way to "Phase Two" and a theoretically much more user-friendly interface in the coming weeks.

The potential for this project is pretty astronomical, but there are still a lot of potential hurdles to clear, and a lot more 100+ hour work weeks ahead.

I spent last week on the road in the northeast, visiting six schools in four days and covering homecoming weekend at Dartmouth College. We are the only media outlet in the country to actually have video of the Dsrtmouth-Holy Cross fight that happened at the end of the game, although we have only used a little bit of it.

Just to keep Tony from crying himself to sleep so much, I'll try to post something a little more frequently-- maybe some updates on the project, and similar stuff.

Once the new navigation for the site is up, we'll be able to link directly to individual stories, which will make life a hell of a lot easier if I want to recommend something.

It's probably worth your time to check out the stories about Columbia, the Yale Bowl and Dartmouth homecoming that are up right now.

Poke around the site, and let me know what you think.


At 4:08 PM, tony said...

No crying... just making observations on your absence.

And is that a little nepotism I see on "the project"? ;)


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