Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aaaaaaaaaaannnnndddd... we're back.

Wait... not only did the NHL playoffs start without my knowledge... but the Rangers are already down 3-0? Christ almighty... I wait almost an entire freaking decade for them to get back into the playoffs and they've already got one skate in the grave by the time I realize it?

On the bright side, the Wings are down 2-1 to Edmonton which means every bandwagon douchebag at work will be on suicide watch tomorrow. That can't happen often enough. (UPDATE: Wait... Brian thinks so too?)

My recent bout of hockey ignorance is balanced out by my burgeoning love for the beautiful game. (No, not hot oil wrestling-- although that's good too.) I ended up going to that Premier League soccer match (Fulham 1, Wigan 0) Monday night at Craven Cottage... very cool. The misses even enjoyed it enough to consent to watching the UEFA Champions League semifinal on TV last night (Finished scoreless thanks to saved penalty shot in the final minutes, allowing Arsenal to advance to the championship.)

I was already all wound up about the World Cup, and I'm probably into the Premiership enough that I'll make an effort to find some games on TV from now on. If you're in England at some point during the season, you should definitely check out a match.

Incidentally, I have no idea what the hell you can expect out of me in the near future. The week off left me way behind on some projects, so I may not post stuff for weeks at a time or you might get two posts a day if I'm in the mood to procrastinate. Like now. I'm just writing more so I can put off my other work. These words aren't necessary at all.

Okay, I'll stop.

Right after this sentence.

And this one...

Saturday, April 22, 2006


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Paris: Ugly city.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gone fishin'

I'll be back sometime late next week. Miss me!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sweep dreams.

Michigan not only swept the baseball Buckeyes, they looked goooood doing it.

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(Photo courtesy: Jim Davidson, The OZone.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

And I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee.... free-fallin'...

Anyone who didn't see this humiliating collapse coming hasn't followed the Rangers for long. I'm just surprised it didn't happen a month ago.

Meanwhile, the baseball Buckeyes are one game away from getting swept in Ann Arbor, giving Michigan fans a chance to chant, "Just like football, basketball, women's basketball, hockey, field hockey, soccer, gymnastics, women's gymnastics!"

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dirty Laundry

An OSU football player was seriously injured at practice on Friday.

A short time later, OSU issued a brief statement saying in part that the player's family wished that he not be identified and that no details of his condition be made public.

Naturally, a few media outlets chose to ignore that.

This is one of the things I hate about the news business.

There's this ingrained mentality that you have to be first. Your readers/ listeners/ viewers need to know every little detail right now or they will see it somewhere else and never come back.

This is partly caused by the fact that pretty much all of the major traditional media outlets are seeing their audiences shrinking (because of the internet and other "new media") and are in something of a panic mode.

It's also caused by the fact that people in the news business deal with tragedies and other difficult situations like this one on a daily basis. After a while, it's only natural that it hardens you and you start losing some of what seems like common decency.

When a helicopter crashed up here a few days ago, killing a small-town police chief and a firefighter, the first question out of people's lips in the newsroom was "who can we talk to?" (Translation: Let's stick a camera in someone's face.)

The thinking goes something like "Sure, it's crappy but if we don't do it, the guys at the other station will and then they'll have the interview with a big 'EXCLUSIVE' banner on it and we'll look like we got beat and then we'll lose more viewers and then we'll lose more advertising revenue and then they'll fire my overpaid ass."

Viewers/readers are somewhat to blame as well-- many people are going to watch the hard-to-watch stuff like people crying about their losses, and in this case many people feel like they need to know the details.

You don't. And if you feel like you do, you're part of the problem, feeding the crazy-eyed monsters inside newsrooms.

Leave the family alone. They'll release the information when they're ready and frankly, they've got more important things to worry about than whether you know as much as you want to.

Incidentally, you can't say you don't like the shitty things media outlets do, and then support them by reading/ watching/ listening to their reports. It's like people who complain that TV stations make it sound like the end of the world when it's going to snow. The only reason they do that is every time they do surveys, people say weather is the #1 reason they watch TV, then they back it up by turning on the TV when there's a hint of snow.

Friday, April 14, 2006


You've probably already seen this on Deadspin, but... oh... my... God. Two of the greatest memories of my childhood... Game 6 of the 1986 World Series and RBI Baseball... have now been shoved into a blender and frappeed into a delicious gooey internet paste. And it tastes good.

I can't imagine how long it took to get this all exactly matching up, but it was worth it.

Friday, April 07, 2006

From the "get the hell over it" file...

The idiocy of this story should be apparent to all.

Yes, the guy who did it was probably being a douchebag, but come on.

Take the thing off the wall and get over it.

"Emotional trauma?" Sounds like someone wants a vacation.

$50 to whichever headline writer works "Going Ape" into their work.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let them eat cake.

Just FYI: When you're travelling to Paris in a couple weeks, this shit ranks pretty far down the list of things you want to see on TV.

Monday, April 03, 2006

One shining blowout

So close, but yet so far.

I tied for the win in my office pool so it came down to the always-inane "total points in the championship" tie-breaker.

I, thinking that UConn would play in this game, picked 147. Thanks to the Clank Patrol from Westwood, that's now looking like it's going to be about 15 points too high. Curse you, Bruins.

I did manage to finish in the 98.6th percentile of ESPN's bracket challenge and win all of the pools I was in that had no money on the line... sooo... (sigh).

Sunday, April 02, 2006

One year later, it's all still true.

From April 3, 2005. I stand by all of it.

For some reason, the banner on archive posts makes me look like a Virginia Tech fan. It's probably a pretty good indication of my laziness/business/apathy that it's been like that for quite a while and I haven't gone into the code to fix it.

Fulmer Cup, here we come...

We're about to get on the scoreboard over at EDSBS. OSU sophomore OT Alex Boone got nailed for a little drinky-drinky drivey-drivey.

My question is whether this works like with the NCAA where self-reporting lessens the punishment.


It's great to see the Big Ten basketball coaching fraternity welcoming its newest brother with open arms.

True, Kelvin Sampson has had some issues in the past involving phone calls and recruits. But some of the Big Ten's best recruiters have really taken him under their wings to make sure he understands when it's appropriate to contact recruits. Here's a transcript of their conversation:

Kelvin Sampson: How long do I wait to call?

Thad Matta: A day.

Sampson: Tomorrow?

Matta: No...

Tom Izzo: ... Tomorrow, then a day.

Matta: ... Yeah.

Sampson: So, two days?

Matta: Yeah. I guess you could call it that.

Izzo: Definitely. Two days. That's the industry standard...

Matta (to Izzo): ... I used to wait two days. Now everyone waits two days. Three days is kinda money now, don't you think?

Izzo: ... Yeah. But two's enough not to look anxious...

Matta: Yeah, but three days is kinda the money...

Sampson: Why don't I just wait three weeks and tell the kid I was cleaning out my desk and found his number...

Bruce Weber: ... then ask what position he plays...

Sampson: Yeah, I'll tell him I don't remember and then I'll ask if he's a white guy. Then I'll ask if I gave him any cash. How's that, Thad? Is that "the money"?


Matta: Laugh all you want, but if you call too soon you can scare off a nice baller who's ready to play.

Izzo: Don't listen to him. You call whenever it feels right to you.

Sampson: How long are you guys gonna wait to call your recruits?

Matta and Izzo (in unison): Six days.

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